Depending on the size of your yard, lawn care can be a hefty task. There are many things to stay on top of like mowing, aerating, fertilizing, weeding, and proper water levels. One way to take a lot of stress out of lawn care is a sprinkler system installation. Here are four reasons to consider an irrigation system from DeFazio Company.

Benefits of an Irrigation System Installation

Saves Time

Walking around your yard with the hose stretched out, and trying adequately water each square foot is a difficult and time-consuming task. With a sprinkler system, your grass will be perfectly watered on schedule without you having to lift a finger.

Costs Less

Since the irrigation system is timed and includes a rain sensor, there will be no wasting of water. It’s difficult to gauge how much water your lawn really needs, and with the rain sensor, there is no guesswork. Your utility bills will likely decrease, saving you money.

Improves Growth

Water is, obviously, essential in proper lawn care. With a sprinkler system and zoning, your grass, flowers, trees, and shrubs will receive the water needed for faster, thicker growth. You’ll have the most luscious lawn on the block, making your yard the one your neighbors measure theirs against.

Adds Value

Something that you may not have considered about a sprinkler system is that it adds value to your property. When shopping for a home, people look for luxury and convenience. An irrigation system is a bit of both. Seeing as it saves time and money, buyers will pay a little more upfront to take advantage.

Ready for a stress-free and beautiful lawn? DeFazio Company is here to help. We provide irrigation system installations as well fence installations, outdoor lighting, and drainage solutions to the areas of North Royalton, Broadview Heights, Strongsville, Brecksville, and Independence. Contact us today at (440) 652-6545 to request an estimate.