Lawn & Landscape Drainage Solutions

DeFazio Company and its professional team has been offering landscape drainage solutions to the Cleveland, Ohio area since 2007. Take care of the water problem on your property today by contacting us at (440) 652-6545 to request an estimate.

Professional Lawn Drainage Solutions

It can be so disappointing when an unstoppable water issue destroys a beautifully landscaped yard or enters a basement or crawl space, damaging invaluable personal items. When you find yourself in this predicament, you need the yard drainage solutions from the expert team at DeFazio. We not only control and divert water away from your home and yard, we also create a permanent solution to avoid any further water damage issues.

Our Thorough Drainage Process

At DeFazio, we take a professional approach when executing our expert drainage system solutions. This includes the following steps:

  • Gather the water with a trench, catch basin, or similar apparatus
  • Stop the flow of water to the undesired area
  • Divert the water to a particular place such as a storm sewer, ravine, or nearby creek

Unlike other drainage contractors in Cleveland, we take all necessary steps to ensure the water drainage problem is managed correctly. We have the appropriate equipment and the expert know-how to ensure the specific water drainage system installed in your yard can handle the amount of water involved and continue to work for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

DeFazio takes care of any permits needed for the specific drainage project.

Correcting a water drainage problem involves more than a one-step solution. Our crew is trained to correct these type of issues accurately and carefully by following these steps:

  • Using accurate measurements to dig trenches.
  • Moving clay and dirt to specific areas.
  • Installing pipes using the proper pitch.
  • Using the correct amount of stone for proper drainage.
  • Leveling the surrounding area accurately.

Gutters were not intended for large amounts of water and therefore are not a good option for drainage pipes. We always try to find a different alternative for diverting the excess water elsewhere.

Once the drainage work is finished, our crew is trained to return your property to its former condition. We properly grade the area, add grass seed, and cover with straw. All that’s left is for you to water the area thoroughly.

With the type of soil/clay in northeast Ohio, a typical trench drain will not work properly. Our crew will find a more suitable option for diverting the excess water, typically into a stream, creek, or basin.

Looking to Improve Your Lawn’s Drainage?

What Causes Poor Drainage Issues?

Drainage issues can be caused by a number of factors, such as improper grading, outdoor structures, swimming pools or patios, or any object that obstructs the flow of water. Correcting a drainage problem involves more than a one-step solution such as digging a trench or installing a pipe.

Our team is trained to correct drainage problems accurately & carefully by following these steps:

  • Dig trenches using accurate measurements
  • Move existing clay and dirt
  • Install pipes using the proper pitch
  • Use the correct amount of stone
  • Level the surrounding area properly

Choose DeFazio for Peace of Mind

Don’t let an uncontrolled water problem ruin your outdoor experience, cause damage to the yard, or destroy your home. Instead, contact DeFazio at (440) 652-6545 to request an estimate on our professional landscape drainage solutions. Located in Cleveland, we offer a variety of outdoor installation services for irrigation systems, fence installations, and outdoor lighting to the areas of North Royalton, Broadview Heights, Strongsville, Brecksville, and Independence.