Professional Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Enjoy the atmosphere and ambience that outdoor lighting can create for your home or business. Located in Cleveland, DeFazio Company has been providing custom-tailored outdoor lighting installation services since 2007. Call us at (440) 652-6545 and request an estimate today.

Attractive Landscape Lighting for a Sense of Security

Outdoor landscape lighting showcases the detail of your hardscape as well as provides safety and visibility for you and your family. Our expert team can help you choose custom lighting solutions that will enhance both your home and landscape. Together, we can design an elegant lighting display you can enjoy all year long.

Types of Lighting Options Available

The light crew at DeFazio is highly experienced in illuminating your home or business with the following professional landscape lighting solutions:

Structure & Security Lighting

  • Spot lighting – showcase architectural features
  • Sign lighting – keep signage visible after dark
  • Uplighting – highlight trees and architecture
  • Fountain lighting – add warmth and reflection at night
  • Pond lighting– enhance with underwater lighting
  • Grazing – bring out the texture of a façade
  • Step lighting – used to accent steps
  • Deck lighting – show elevation, edges, and drop-offs of a deck

Landscape Lighting

  • Silhouetting – highlight the outlines of trees and plants
  • Shadowing – cast a shadow on a vertical surface
  • Moon lighting – recreate the look of a moonlit night on a particular object
  • Walkway lighting – positioned for symmetry making pathways visible
  • Spread lighting – evenly disperses light at a low level
  • Downlighting – mounted light to broadcast over a large area

Looking to Brighten Your Lawn?

Low-Voltage & LED Lighting

DeFazio provides graceful ambience for your outdoor space using cost-effective LED lighting sources. With quality brands such as Vista and Kichler, we create low-voltage yet polished, artistic designs. Save money on your electric bill while enjoying a brightly lit deck, patio, or pool area in style.

Our expert crew performs all aspects of your custom outdoor lighting project including complete installation, and full-service repair and maintenance. We offer a 10-year product warranty on all lighting solutions, as well as a 2-year installation warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Not only do the bulbs use less wattage, but they also last upwards of 10 years compared to halogen lights that quit working in a year or two.

We include a timer on all of our installations and also offer optional photo cells to help adjust as the evenings stay lighter longer.

We offer a 10-year product warranty on all outdoor lighting parts, as well as a 2-year installation warranty.

Professional Outdoor Lighting Service & More

Wait no longer to create a beautiful space with professional outdoor lighting services from DeFazio Company. Request an estimate by calling us at (440) 652-6545. Located in Cleveland, we offer our expert services in North Royalton, Broadview Heights, Strongsville, Brecksville, and Independence. We gladly provide other outdoor services such as installing irrigation systems, fences, and drainage solutions.