During the summer, people love to spend as much time as they can outside. But once the sun sets it can be difficult to have an enjoyable evening if it’s too dark. That’s where outdoor lighting comes in. You can improve your outdoor experience and enhance the look of your home. Read on to learn about the benefits of outdoor lighting from the team at DeFazio Company.

Benefits of Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

Your patio and backyard are ideal locations for hosting visitors, dining, and family time. Your outdoor spaces will become more illuminated and useable at night thanks to outdoor lighting. Whether you’re spending time with the family or having a cup of tea by yourself before bed, outdoor lighting can help your environment feel cozy and inviting. Exterior lights with a dimming option can be installed. When the kids are playing outside, you can use brighter light, and for romantic evenings with your spouse, you can use dim light.

Enhance Your Landscaping Decor

You can emphasize many of the qualities you currently have by thoughtfully arranging outdoor lighting throughout your yard. Use solar lighting posts to illuminate walkways and paths leading to your front door while using little energy. Additionally, you can designate property limits with outdoor lighting and leave areas of your yard dark that you want to deter people from walking on. Using outdoor lighting is a great way to highlight unique aspects of your yard. Put lights close to fountains or ponds, or use them to highlight trees.

Create a Safer Outdoor Space

Outdoor lighting is a great way to make your house a safer environment for your loved ones, friends, and any other visitors. Light posts can be used to illuminate driveways, sidewalks, and even paths. Lighting should be placed close to any stairways and uneven surfaces. By providing nighttime direction, the lights will help to avoid slips, trips, and ankle twists that could result in injury. Patios, decks, swimming pools, and outdoor lounging areas are examples of heavy traffic locations that can benefit from having outdoor lighting installed.

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