5 Reasons to Transform Your Backyard with Outdoor Lighting

July 12, 2024

As the sun sets, does your backyard fade into darkness? Imagine, instead, a beautifully illuminated space that extends the beauty and functionality of your home well into the evening. At DeFazio Company, we believe that adding outdoor lighting to your backyard is more than just a trend—it’s an investment in your lifestyle and property.

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Explore 3 of DeFazio Company’s Premium Fencing Services

June 20, 2024

At DeFazio Company, our legacy of excellence is built on a foundation of quality, precision, and customer satisfaction. As a leading provider of premium fencing solutions in North Royalton, Ohio, we’re highlighting our aluminum, steel, and metal fencing services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance security, add aesthetic value, or increase the functionality of your property, our expert team is here to deliver unparalleled craftsmanship and service.

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Elevate Your Property with the Timeless Elegance of a Wood Fence

May 14, 2024

Few features are as timeless and versatile as a well-crafted wood fence when it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of your property. At DeFazio Company, we take pride in offering premium wood fencing installation services that combine classic aesthetic style with unparalleled durability. Whether you’re looking to add privacy to your backyard, define property boundaries, or simply enhance curb appeal, our expert team is here to bring your vision to life.

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Discover 5 Benefits of Vinyl Fencing Installation

April 11, 2024

At DeFazio Company, we understand the importance of having a durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing fencing solution for your property. If you’re considering installing a new fence or replacing an existing one, our vinyl fencing installation services offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice among homeowners. Let’s delve into five reasons why vinyl fencing could be the perfect solution for your Ohio home.

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Springtime Drainage Solutions for Your Property

March 21, 2024

As the days grow longer and the weather warms, it’s time to turn our attention to springtime preparations for our properties. Among the many tasks on your to-do list, ensuring effective drainage is very important.  At DeFazio Company, we understand the importance of proper drainage solutions, and we’re here to offer some expert advice on how to keep your property dry and resilient this spring.

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4 Reasons to Brighten Up Your Winter Nights

January 9, 2024

As winter blankets the world in a serene layer of snow, many homeowners tend to focus on the coziness of indoor spaces, overlooking the potential beauty that outdoor landscapes can bring to the season. One often underestimated way to enhance the winter wonderland is by installing outdoor landscape lighting. While it may seem counterintuitive to embark on such a project during the colder months, there are compelling reasons why winter is the perfect time to illuminate your outdoor spaces with the help of your friends at DeFazio Company.

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Check Out Our Irrigation System Maintenance Packages

December 9, 2023

At DeFazio Company, we understand the importance of a well-maintained irrigation system in preserving the beauty of your green spaces. That’s why we’ve started offering comprehensive maintenance packages designed to ensure your system is at its peak performance, delivering the nourishment your plants crave throughout the year. If this sounds good to you, read on to learn about the key components of our maintenance packages to ensure your green oasis remains lush and thriving.

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4 Reasons Proper Yard Drainage Matters

November 26, 2023

As winter blankets our surroundings with a layer of frost and snow, many homeowners turn their attention to the cozy warmth of their homes. However, amid the serene beauty of a winter wonderland, a silent but crucial battle is waged beneath the surface—the battle against poor yard drainage. Today on the blog, your friends at DeFazio Company will explain why proper yard drainage matters most during the winter months and how it can be your home’s unsung hero in the face of winter challenges.

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4 Ways to Illumiate Autumn Nights

September 8, 2023

As the days grow shorter and the air turns cooler, a certain charm to the autumn season beckons us outdoors. Whether you’re hosting cozy gatherings on your patio, enjoying a peaceful evening on your porch, or simply taking in the breathtaking fall foliage, the right outdoor lighting can enhance the ambiance and extend your outdoor enjoyment well into the evening. Today on the blog, your friends at DeFazio Company are exploring four creative outdoor lighting solutions that will make your fall evenings truly magical.

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3 Common Causes of Poor Drainage

July 16, 2023

While many problems around the house require a professional to point out, drainage problems are pretty easy to spot. If you have standing water in your yard or it is consistently spongey after rainfall, you have a drainage problem. However, just because you can point out the problem doesn’t mean the cause is always as obvious. That’s why our team at DeFazio Company is discussing the three most common causes of poor drainage so you can figure out what’s causing your standing water problem.

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