Water is magnificent. It is central to life and brings fun and beauty. Unfortunately, however, water can also bring destruction. Your home requires a drainage system that properly routes water away from the home’s structure with trenches or pipes to a place like a sewer, ravine, or pond. Take it from all of us here at DeFazio Company and ensure your house has an adequate drainage solution.

Why Your Home Needs a Drainage System

Drainage Issue Causes

There are many different reasons drainage issues can arise. There can be issues with your property grading, outdoor structures, swimming pools, or patios. Problems with drainage can be complicated and require planning, experience, and proper equipment to resolve.

Protect Your Foundation

The foundation of your home is one of the most integral pieces of the entire structure. The second you notice a possible issue, it’s time to seek help. Water that is not correctly diverted away from your home can cause extremely expensive repairs. If water leaks into the top of your foundation it can even begin to soak into your floors and walls. You could face wood rot, mildew, or insects. The basement of your home could begin flooding. Contact a professional about a drainage system as soon as you see standing water.

Save Your Landscaping

Standing water on your lawn can ruin your grass, trees, or flowers. It can also lead to insects or other pests. Water flowing where you do not want it to be can wash away your stone landscaping designs or even your driveway. Not to mention the fact that too much water in your yard can look swampy and unsightly, angering your neighbors and lowering the value of your home.

Don’t let standing water ruin everything you’ve worked so hard for. Let DeFazio Company help you out. We can also assist with sprinkler system installations. We serve Cleveland, OH, and the surrounding areas. You can contact us over the phone at (440) 652-6545 or request an estimate online.