While many problems around the house require a professional to point out, drainage problems are pretty easy to spot. If you have standing water in your yard or it is consistently spongey after rainfall, you have a drainage problem. However, just because you can point out the problem doesn’t mean the cause is always as obvious. That’s why our team at DeFazio Company is discussing the three most common causes of poor drainage so you can figure out what’s causing your standing water problem.

3 Common Causes of Poor Drainage

1. Poor Foundational Elevation

One of the most typical drainage issues we see is when water is trapped in a home’s foundation. This can wreak havoc on the inside finishes of the house, such as the drywall or wood floors, and it can also be a factor in foundation failure. All of these serious problems could have been easily prevented during the initial building of the house by elevating the house slab high enough to achieve the right slope away from the house. Don’t worry. This problem is fixable with the help of a professional. Grading around your home or other drainage systems can keep the water from building up around your foundation, which leads us to our next point.

2. Improperly Graded Yard

If you have standing water in your yard, that is a sign that it has not been graded properly. The standing water will ultimately kill your grass and leave you with unpleasant marsh-like conditions. Additionally, standing water can contribute to the mosquito population on your property. Mosquito eggs hatch in only two days, so take care of that standing water!

3. Incorrect Plant Bed Design

Finally, when designing your landscaping and plant beds, there is more to consider than just what type of plants you’d like to see outside your front door. You must also consider how the bed is laid out to avoid this common drainage issue. Improperly-designed plant beds can impede the natural water flow and keep the water from flowing away from the foundation like the home’s contractor had intended. Not only is this bad for your plants, but it can also cause damage to your home’s foundation and more.

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