Installing a fence around your Cleveland area home is a great way to add value and privacy to your backyard. However, many homeowners who set out to complete this project themselves run into some unfortunate mistakes that can have long-lasting negative effects. To help you avoid these mistakes, our team at DeFazio Company has made a quick list of the most common ones to avoid.

DIY Fencing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Ignoring the Proper Channels

Depending on your neighborhood and town, there are likely several rules and regulations you must follow before installing a fence. You likely will be limited in the fence type, style, size, color, and height you are able to choose. Be sure to get your fence approved by your local zoning office and HOA before you break ground. Additionally, you will likely need to call the utility company before doing any digging to make sure you won’t hit a pipe or underground wire.

2. Incorrectly Measuring

Installing a fence is a big project that requires a lot of measurements and planning. When completing this project yourself, it’s important to measure multiple times in order to ensure you have the correct amount of materials. In addition to measuring your materials, you must also take measurements to ensure you are securing the posts correctly. Solid, stable posts must be set at least two feet into the ground and anchored with concrete or gravel. These steps are imperative to make sure your fence stays up.

3. Improper Placement

Finally, an inexperienced homeowner may make the mistake of installing their fence without considering slopes and proper gate placement. Most yards have slopes, and even if you can hardly see the slope, it can still seriously impact your fence’s installation. Slopes could lead to gaps along the bottom of your fence, making it look strange and allowing small children or pets to escape. Additionally, improperly placing the gate on uneven ground will restrict the gate’s movement, making it hard to use.

To avoid these DIY fencing mistakes, leave your fence installation to the professionals at DeFazio Company. We have been serving Cleveland, North Royalton, and the surrounding area with high-quality fence installation since 2007. Contact us today at (440) 652-6545 to get started, or request an estimate online.