Most homeowners put a lot of effort into winterizing their homes. They take care to add insulation, winterize their irrigation system, and put away all the summer toys and gear until the following year. However, one area that often gets overlooked when preparing for winter is the backyard fence. At DeFazio Company, we are a premiere fencing company, and we work with high-quality fencing materials. To keep your fence looking beautiful for years to come, watch out for these three winter issues that may crop up as the temperatures drop.

Winter Fence Issues

1. Shifting Soil

Here in the Midwest, temperatures can drop to below zero and back up to a mild 40 degrees in the same week. Because of this, the ground will freeze and thaw and then freeze again which leads to shifting soil. Fence posts and foundations may sustain long-lasting damage if things shift around too much. Strong wind gusts or even sudden bursts of rain or snow may be able to topple the fence once this damage has happened, possibly resulting in even more damage.

2. Warping Wood

Another unfortunate product of winter is the risk of the wood warping in your fence. Just as the ground below freezes and thaws, so also does the moisture found in the wood of your backyard fence. Because moisture expands when frozen, the wooden slats may be forced to warp and bend, leaving you with unattractive damage to your once beautiful fence. If this damage is too extensive, you may need to replace entire areas of your fence.

3. Rusting Iron

Homeowners who choose iron fences over wood generally enjoy fewer issues with their fences in the wintertime, however, they are not completely immune. The iron used for fences comes with protective layers that are meant to ward off corrosion and rust, but the coating does wear off over time. Moisture and friction work together to slowly destroy the protective coating, and once it is gone, rust becomes a major concern.

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