After a long, harsh winter, spring is finally blooming in the North Royalton, Ohio area. The longer days and extra sunshine are always a welcome treat when spring arrives. However, eventually, the sun does set, and you still want to make the most of your outdoor spaces. The key to enjoying the outdoors after dark lies in your outdoor lighting strategy. Today on the blog, your friends at DeFazio Company are discussing three of our favorite ways to highlight your gorgeous landscaping and striking architectural elements while creating a pleasant outdoor living space you can enjoy all season long.

3 Outdoor Lighting Strategies for Spring

1. Work Your Way Out

To ensure your exterior lighting design won’t be overlit or glaring, start at your house and work your way out. We like to light the walls of the house, entryways, and architectural features both for aesthetic and security purposes. Your outdoor spaces will feel cozy and welcoming, and your pathways will be easy to follow. Depending on the size of your property, your house, path, and patio lights may be enough to light your front and back yard. However, if you need more light, you can install landscape lighting to illuminate trees, other natural features, and building details.

2. Look Out the Window

We also recommend planning your lighting design based on what you want to see from the inside of your house. When you look out of your windows at night, do you see only darkness? Patio and landscape lighting should enhance aesthetics from the inside out. The light coming into your windows shouldn’t be too bright, but it should catch your eye and allow you to admire your landscape elements. If the light is too bright, you either have too many fixtures or the angles are off. Working with an expert landscape lighting designer can help!

3. Don’t Forget about Daytime

Finally, as you plan your designs, don’t forget that your lighting elements will be visible in the daytime and should be chosen wisely. With the help of one of our designers, we can find fixtures that will compliment your personal style so they provide light in the dark as well as beauty during the day.

Trust the experts at DeFazio Company to help you create beautiful and strategic outdoor lighting designs that will encourage your family to spend more time outside this spring. For a free estimate, contact us in North Royalton today at (440) 652-6545.