Autumn in Ohio is a great time for backyard barbecues and bonfires. With the privacy of a backyard fence, you can enjoy your favorite fall activities in comfort and security. Not only can a fence provide privacy, but it also adds value to your property. With a variety of options in size and composition, a backyard fence is an affordable home improvement project this season. Call the fencing experts at DeFazio Company for your fencing installation. We specialize in irrigation, fence installation, outdoor lighting, and drainage solutions to bring your yard to its full glory. Below we’ve listed three reasons to consider adding a fence to your North Royalton home this fall.

Reasons to Install a Backyard Fence


Fences come in a variety of sizes and materials to complement your home’s style. At DeFazio Company, we are highly experienced in working with a variety of fencing materials. We can install and maintain fencing from vinyl, wood, aluminum, metal, and more. Read on to learn the benefits of each type of fence:

  • Ornamental
    • Made of non-rusting aluminum
    • Adds a sense of style and elegance
    • Allows limited view of your yard
    • Provides both safety and security
  • Vinyl
    • Achieves classic picket fence look
    • Virtually maintenance-free
    • Popular choice among homeowners
    • Adds security to your yard or pool
  • Wood
    • Adds a classic, aesthetic style and design to your home
    • Wide variety of stains and finishes
    • Most versatile fencing material
    • Popular and affordable
    • Safe and secure

2. Privacy

When your backyard is enclosed by a fence, you can enjoy the seasons in privacy and comfort. This private sanctuary also provides a way to contain backyard fun for safety. Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or a children’s birthday party, your event will be exclusive and secure with a privacy fence. Fencing also provides a safety barrier for letting your pets play; knowing that your pets can roam leash-free offers comfort and peace of mind.

3. Home Value

Even if selling your home is not on your radar, it’s always wise to consider how home improvement projects will affect the resale value of your home. Potential buyers look for things like fenced-in backyards, and many times that can be a deciding factor in their purchase. So, if you’re worried about the cost, think of it this way: if your fence costs $5000 for materials and installation, you have the potential of getting at least half of that cost back in resale value. So it truly is a valuable investment in your home’s future.

Fall is the perfect time for home improvement projects. Save yourself time and stress by calling the experts at DeFazio Company to complete your fencing projects. Let our professionals add variety, privacy, and value to your home with new fencing. For a free estimate, contact us today at (440) 843-9500.