At DeFazio Company, we believe in the benefits of owning and maintaining a quality irrigation system. For Ohio homeowners, it’s the best way to get your grass watered with the perfect balance and consistency in order to achieve a lush, green yard you can be proud of. However, just like all mechanical things, your irrigation system will not last forever and it may be time to consider upgrading it. Read on to learn if your system is on its last leg.

3 Signs Your Irrigation System Needs an Upgrade

1. It’s Old

As we mentioned above, nothing mechanical will last forever. Your irrigation system is just like major appliances inside your home, and will eventually wear out. Ask yourself, how old is your system? Have you had to replace several parts over the years? Are you noticing signs of distress or damage to your system? If you aren’t sure of the exact age of your irrigation system but you suspect it is beginning to wear out, a member of our team can assess your system and let you know if an upgrade is needed.

2. Your Water Bills Have Increased

Another sure sign of a worn out irrigation system is a sudden and sustained leap in your water bill. This points to an inefficient irrigation system that needs to be addressed right away. There could be a number of complications with the system, such as poor installation or pipe leaks. However, it could also point to an old system that is no longer up to the task of watering your lawn efficiently.

3. Under or Over Watering

Finally, as your system ages, you may start to notice signs of under or over watering in your lawn. The pressurized water may have caused wear and tear, which can lead to leaks and flooding in your lawn. This can cause water to pool in some areas of your lawn, while leaving other areas completely dry. The main benefit of an irrigation system is even, efficient watering, so if your system is no longer performing in that manner, it’s time to upgrade.

If your irrigation system is in need of an upgrade, contact the experts at DeFazio Company today at (440) 652-6545 or request a free estimate online. We serve clients in Cleveland, OH, and the surrounding communities.