Did you know that a major cause of structural damage in Ohio homes is poor drainage? As a homeowner, we’re sure you can appreciate how devastating structural damage can be and you’ll want to do everything in your power to avoid it! That’s why it is so important to make sure your home is armed with the right type of drainage system. Exterior drainage systems offer the defense you need to protect your home against surface water. So today, our team at DeFazio Company is discussing the different types available.

4 Types of Exterior Drainage Solutions

1. French Drain

A French drain is the most common type of drainage system. It provides an easy channel for water to flow through. The water runs into a gravel-filled trench, then into perforated pipe at the bottom of the pipe, and finally empties a safe distance away from the house. Depending on your home, the water can be diverted to a low-lying area of your property, a drainage ditch, a dry well, or the street.

2. Footing Drain

A footing drain, also known as a foundation drain, generally consists of a perforated, 4-inch plastic PVC or flexible ABS pipe installed underground around the perimeter of your home to keep water out. First, a trench is dug, then the concrete footing and the concrete foundation wall are poured and cured. Next, the exterior is coated to prevent moisture intrusion. This type of system is often used for homes with basements.

3. Gutter Drainage

We all know the importance of gutters to give rainwater a place to go instead of settling on our roofs. However, the water also needs to be diverted away from your home as roof water can cause havoc if not drained properly. A gutter and downspout system helps drain all roof water away from your home’s walls. The downspout drain should extend beyond the walls and direct the water to a storm sewer or catch basin.

4. Grading Drainage

Grading drainage is a simple technique that involves reworking the grading such that it slopes away from the house. A contractor can assess the gradient needed to drive water into the storm sewer within the building code.

Correcting a drainage problem is more complicated than just digging a trench or installing a pipe. For the right drainage system for your home, contact the experts at DeFazio Company (440) 652-6545 to request an estimate. Our team will find a suitable option for diverting excess water away from your home.