Here in the Midwest, we’re barreling through fall, and winter is already knocking on our doors. There’s nothing we’d rather do than shut the doors, curl up in front of a fire, and avoid the elements as much as possible. However, Mother Nature might not let that happen if you have any potential drainage issues around your Cleveland, Ohio, home. The quickest way to find drainage issues is by looking at your yard. Maybe you had a little standing water during the summertime, but it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. However as the seasons change, that little problem can become a big one, and fast. Let our team at DeFazio Company help you identify and address your water problems before winter really begins.

Landscape Drainage Issues

You Have a Drainage Problem If…

  1. You have standing water in your yard. If it is normal to see standing water in your yard, either during or directly after rain, and if water is still in your yard hours or days after a storm, there are significant drainage problems.
  2. You have water stains in your basement. Water stains in the basement indicate a significant problem. At best, water is coming in from the ground. A flooded basement causes mold, mildew, and even compromises your foundation.
  3. Your gutters overflow every time it rains. Overflowing water from your gutters means that water is soaking into your foundation rather than being directed away from your home.
  4. Your front walkway floods. This indicates a drainage issue. If a downspout hits this area, flooding occurs much easier.

Let Us Help

At DeFazio, we take a professional approach when executing our expert drainage system solutions. We will begin by assessing whether to use a trench, catch basin, or similar apparatus, and then use it to gather the water. Next, we will stop the flow of water to the undesired area. Finally, we’ll divert the water to a storm sewer, ravine, or nearby creek, so it can no longer cause damage to your home. We have the appropriate equipment and the expert know-how to ensure that the specific water drainage system installed in your yard can handle the amount of water involved and continue to work for years to come.

Don’t let an uncontrolled water problem ruin your winter, cause damage to the yard, or destroy your home. Instead, contact DeFazio at (440) 652-6545 or request an estimate online for our professional landscape drainage solutions.