Feeling safe and secure in your own home is a top priority of most homeowners. No one wants to stay awake all night worrying if their home is truly safe. If you’re looking to add to your security system, the right outdoor lighting can help deter crime on your property and can sometimes be even more effective than a traditional security system. To help you choose the right type of security lights for your Cleveland area home, listen to the experts at DeFazio Company.

Security Lights

Flood Lights

When you think of security lights, you probably think first of flood lights. Flood lighting refers to lights that are designed to illuminate a large space around your home. They are generally installed in areas that need extra security such as near garage doors or other exterior entryways. There are many options for flood lighting, including traditional halogen or solar lights. However, while solar lights are a great option for the budget conscious homeowner (because they won’t run up your energy bills), they may not be as bright as halogen or LED flood lights.

Motion-Activated Lights

For those that want security without adding to energy bills, another option is motion-activated lights. This type of lighting is very popular for residential properties. Motion-activated lighting fixtures feature a small sensor that will trigger the light to turn on when motion is detected within a certain radius of the sensor. This means that the security lights will illuminate the area only if somebody sets foot on your property or gets too close to your home.

Timed Exterior Lights

The final option to consider is exterior lights on a timer. This type of lighting is on a set schedule, so the lights will only be on during specific hours. Most homeowners choose to set the timer for the night hours when they will be sleeping. This is another way to save money on your energy bills while still being able to have full, constant light illuminating your home’s exterior throughout the night.

Get a good night’s sleep knowing that your home’s exterior is safe and secure with outdoor lighting solutions from DeFazio Company. Request an estimate online or contact us at (440) 652-6545.