Even though we are in the middle of a cold winter here in the Midwest, many homeowners are already looking forward to spring and the home maintenance that comes with it. If you are looking forward to making your lawn stand out this year, a professional sprinkler system is a great way to take care of your watering while improving your property’s value. Let the team at DeFazio Company help you plan so you can get the most out of your new irrigation system.

How to Plan for Sprinkler Installation

Do You Want to Save Sater?

Many homeowners are under the impression that an irrigation system will waste water and cause their utility bills to rise. However, the opposite is actually true! Manually watering your lawn will waste more water than using an automatic sprinkler system. Our modern sprinkler systems are so efficient, and the sprinkler heads are on timers, so you never have to worry about wasting water, overwatering, or underwatering your landscape.

How Is Your Lawn Zoned?

The next consideration we encourage homeowners to take is how their lawn is shaped and how their landscaping decisions can impact the placement of sprinkler heads. If you plan to do any rezoning this year, be mindful of the shapes you’re creating as you plan your landscaping. If you create any oddly-shaped zones, it may create the necessity for more sprinkler heads, which will increase installation costs. Do yourself a favor and avoid creating oddly-shaped areas in your lawn.

Which Sprinkler Heads Are best?

Finally, choosing the right sprinkler head for your sprinkler system is very important. While you don’t want to overwater your lawn, you also don’t want sprinkler heads that are too small for the zones. Additionally, consider the vegetation and requirements of your particular grass species when choosing the sprinkler head. There is no one solution that works for everyone. Therefore, be sure to consult the experts if you need assistance choosing the appropriate heads.

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