Lighting up your landscaping is a great way to draw attention to the most striking features of your landscape any time of the day or night. Not only is landscape lighting an attractive feature that adds curb appeal to your home, it also provides safety and visibility for you and your family. However, it takes a trained eye to choose lighting solutions that will enhance both your home and landscape. And that’s where our team at DeFazio Company comes in. We can help you design an elegant lighting display that you will enjoy all year round.

Landscape Lighting Design

Feature Favorite Plants

If you have favorite shrubs, trees, or other plants in your landscape, we recommend using soft spotlights to draw attention to them. By using these garden lights on certain plants, their colors will be illuminated in the night and your landscape will look vibrant. Also, try uplighting trees that are near a wall; the lights will cause the trees to cast dramatic shadows to further enhance your landscape.

Highlight Water Features

If you have a water feature in your garden, you definitely want it to be seen! Use regular or colored lights to make it truly stand out. Consider installing a white light underneath it to showcase it at night, or colored nights to add extra beauty any time of day.

Use Discreet Fixtures

With more and more people choosing to use LED lighting in their landscaping, there is no longer a need for large fixtures. LED lights are so vibrant that the light they produce is now the focal point rather than the fixture itself. This allows people to see the effect of the light, instead of its source.

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