Outdoor lighting not only beautifully illuminates your home, it also provides safety and security. However, winter can wreak havoc on your outdoor lighting system. But, with a few preventive maintenance measures from DeFazio Company, you can protect your outdoor lighting from costly or hazardous damage. Let’s look at a few winter maintenance tips for outdoor lighting.

Maintaining Outdoor Lights in Winter

Remove Leaves

You may think about waiting until spring to clean up the fallen leaves, but they can bury landscape lighting fixtures and become a hazard. Your outdoor lighting installation should light up the areas that are difficult to maneuver in your landscape, such as walkways and steps. Taking the time to remove leaves from around your fixtures will help keep these areas well-lit and safe throughout the icy winter weather. Also, if the lighting fixtures are hidden by leaves, guests may trip over them and hurt themselves and/or break the light.

Check Your Bulbs

Extreme temperature changes can significantly shorten the lifespan of certain types of light bulbs. Instead of climbing a ladder to your roof or trees to replace bulbs, we recommend calling in the experts at DeFazio Company. However, another option is to upgrade your outdoor lighting system or bulbs to those with a longer lifespan, such as LED. LED bulbs are known for being energy-efficient and lasting for many years.

Prevent Moisture

Moisture is never a good thing for outdoor lighting systems. Remove snow from your outdoor lighting fixtures to help prevent moisture from seeping into the inner workings of the light. If water gets into your lighting fixture, it can short it out.

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