Fences offer so much utility and value to a home. You can clearly mark your property, keep your privacy, and have a safe space to let your kids and pets play. If you’ve never had a fence professionally installed before, it may seem a little confusing. In reality, the process is very easy, and the team at DeFazio Company is here to make things as smooth as possible. Here are some of our frequently asked questions regarding a fence installation.

New Fence Installation FAQs

How do I prepare my yard for fencing?

Other than clearly understanding and marking your property lines, there really isn’t much else for you to do. As long as you can tell us where to put the fence, we’ll do all the heavy lifting. Generally, you can find the property lines outlined in your plot plan that you should have received when you purchased the home. If that document is missing, or there is a dispute regarding property lines, it may be best to have a surveyor come out and mark the lines for you.

Are there any city ordinances to follow?

Our team will take care of any required permits for the fence installation, but it is your responsibility to survey the correct property lines and follow all HOA rules. Certain communities may have restrictions on colors, height, or types of materials used. The last thing you want is to receive a notice to remove the fence and start all over again.

Will the fence installation hurt my lawn?

There will of course be some digging to install the fence posts and secure them properly. The team at DeFazio Company, however, is properly trained to help restore your lawn once the fence is complete. This includes added grass seed or fertilizer as needed. For an additional fee, we can haul any leftover dirt to a location of your choice or remove it completely.

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