Do you love to entertain in your Ohio home? Fall is a wonderful time to host a backyard party around a fire pit in the crisp autumn air. However, fall not only brings cooler temperatures, it also brings shorter days. After the sun goes down, you need a safe way for the party to continue. At DeFazio Company, our outdoor landscape lighting offers you the perfect solution. Read on for our favorite ways to incorporate lighting into your outdoor space that will provide both ambiance and safety.

Lighting Ideas to Make your Backyard Entertainment Friendly

String Lights

We love the extremely versatile and romantic look of string lights. They have become very popular over the past few years. Homeowners love how easy they are to install, as well as the whimsical feel they bring to the backyard. You can suspend them from your patio or deck, or around your outdoor gathering area (like your fire pit). High-quality lights can be left up for several months, or they can easily be installed and taken down for just one event. Your guests will love the added touch, and the security that comes with being able to see where you’re walking at night.

Path Lights

If string lights aren’t providing enough visibility for you and your guests, path lights are a great way to add a sense of security to your yard. When placed along a walkway or exterior path, your guests will avoid tripping hazards and have the opportunity to admire your landscaping at the same time. We also encourage you to install path lighting along any stairs or other changes in elevation you might have in your backyard.

Decorative Lights

Finally, it’s never a bad idea to add decorative fixtures in your backyard to further add ambiance and highlight key pieces in your garden. Light up your statues, waterfalls, and special plants to gives your guests something beautiful to look at as they enjoy your company. They’ll never want to leave!

Let DeFazio Company help make your backyard a welcoming and beautiful place for your guests to gather this fall. To get started, request an estimate online or contact us at (440) 652-6545.