Many Cleveland area homeowners wait until spring or summer to install a fence around their home. But is that necessary? Actually, there are several benefits of installing a fence in the winter months rather than waiting for spring. Today, our team at DeFazio Company are discussing all the reasons why installing a fence this winter might be the right choice for you.

Installing a Fence in the Winter

1. Save Time and Money

When shopping around for the best fence installation prices, we think you’ll find the best deals are available during the off-season. Not only will the installation fees be lower, but you can often also find the best prices on quality fence products. Fencing options that are out of your price range in the spring or summer might fit into your budget in the winter. Additionally, fence installers are more likely to have flexibility in their schedule during the winter, allowing your project to get done faster.

2. Save Your Landscaping

A big concern for homeowners when installing a fence in the spring is that their landscaping will get damaged in the process. However, because most of your landscaping goes dormant in the winter, it will be protected from any damage. Also, if you’re planning on redoing your landscaping next spring, installing a fence now will allow you plenty of time to plan, and then plant right away in the spring – without having to wait for your fence to be installed.

3. Enjoy the Spring

Finally, the best thing about installing a fence in the winter is that you won’t have to do it in the spring. While your neighbors are waiting to plant their spring flowers and struggling to get on a fence installation schedule, you’ll already be enjoying your fenced-in backyard. Kick your feet up and enjoy the start of spring with one less thing to worry about.

At DeFazio Company, we will help you find the right fence to fit your needs this winter. Contact us today at (440) 652-6545. Or request an estimate online for our fence installation services for your home or business in the greater Cleveland area.