At DeFazio Company, we strive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to landscaping trends and outdoor lighting solutions. That way, we can be sure to offer you up-to-date suggestions when designing your outdoor living space. Today on our blog, we’re discussing landscaping lighting trends of 2021. Read on and start envisioning your beautifully lit backyard!

Outdoor Lighting Trends of 2021

Personal and Stylish Sconces

Sconces are an excellent way to add character and ambiance to your outdoor space. There are many different styles available, and the light will illuminate features of your home while creating a more inviting atmosphere. Choose from brass or copper finishes, explore modern or vintage styles, and find sconces that creates a fun mood in your backyard. You can even bring your interior style and creativeness outside for a cohesive feel.

Energy-Efficient Lights

Today’s homeowners are concerned with more than just the look of their outdoor lights; they also worry about the cost of keeping them lit. That’s why in 2021, homeowners are looking for more energy-efficient options and smart features that will keep the lights on without breaking your budget. LED lighting systems that connect to your smart phone are a great option for energy conscious homeowners. You’ll be able to control your lights from your phone, so you can turn them on and off remotely; thus, you can only use them when necessary.

Color Changing Lights

Finally, we’re seeing more and more homeowners express themselves with color-changing light options. Instead of the classic white bulbs, consider different colored bulbs to highlight landscape features around your yard. Color changing lights are especially striking in and around a water feature or along a walkway. Create a relaxing vibe with warm oranges and yellows or cool blues, greens, and purples.

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