Adding home value is a common desire of many homeowners. There are several home improvement projects that can not only improve the comfort of your home while you’re living in it but will also increase your future list price when it comes time to sell. The next time you’re looking for a project to boost your home’s value, consider an irrigation system from DeFazio Company.

How an Irrigation System Can Add Value to Your Home

Adds Convenience

Convenience is a big draw for potential homebuyers. Moving into a home with a sprinkler system already set up means that future lawn maintenance will be a breeze! This may be an element that other homes in the area do not have, and will give you an edge when you’re trying to find the right buyer for your home.

Adds Curb Appeal

Everyone in real estate understands the importance of curb appeal. It’s quite common for sellers to upgrade their landscaping or fix other cosmetic issues before listing. Consider then, how adding an irrigation system will not only increase your current curb appeal but will also let the buyers know that it will remain that way. Grass and landscaping are a significant factor in curb appeal and a fresh, green lawn can completely transform the exterior view of your home. We’ve found that potential buyers are more likely to be interested in the inside of your home if they love the outside.

Adds Conservation

Finally, many homebuyers today are interested in ways they can contribute to the conservation of our planet. And while many believe that installing an automated sprinkler system will make your water bills skyrocket, that is actually a myth! In fact, the very opposite is true. A quality irrigation system can use unique controls to apply the exact amout of water to your landscape without wasting water. Unlike watering your lawn with a hose or manual sprinkler, your irrigation system will not waste water or get uneven results. Potential homebuyers will like to know that they won’t be stuck with a high water bill when they move in.

Installing an irrigation system might be the best choice to add value to your Cleveland area home. To get started, contact the experts at DeFazio Company today at (440) 652-6545 or request a free estimate online.